A PR firm for youth organizations

What We Do

Kennedy Blue Communications is a PR firm for youth organizations. Youth organizations typically have budgetary constraints and permanent press coverage is low-cost and documents their organization’s progress.

Media Relations

Media relations is the core service of Kennedy Blue Communications. We specialize in finding newsworthy content in our clients' brands and organizations and sharing it with the media outlets who then share it with their readers, viewers, and listeners in press coverage. Media relations includes press release drafting and editing, interview scheduling, a targeted dissemination plan, and media training.

Press Release Drafting and Editing

Press releases contain valuable information that media outlets need to inform their viewers, listeners, and readers. We draft and edit press release to increase your organization's opportunity of getting press coverage.


A targeted dissemination plan is vital to receiving press coverage. We have regional and national media contacts to find the best press coverage for you and your brand

Drafting and Editing Services

We edit and draft website copy, brochure copy, and other documents that are essential to communicating to the internal and external networks of your organization.

Digital Marketing

From social media management to website audits, we deliver the right digital marketing package for your organization.

Communications Consulting

We provide consulting services for special projects.

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